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Lawn with families at a summer time community event

Jessica's vision of South Berwick

A sustainable community that balances economic vitality, social equity, and environmental protection.

If elected, I will prioritize: 

Neighborhoods and a sense of community.

We are coming out of a hard time and now is the time to reconnect with neighbors in meaningful ways. Sponsored town activities to help engage communities help foster a sense of place. 

The environment.

South Berwick should actively be taking steps to be in line with the Maine Climate Council's "Maine Won't Wait" climate action plan. Planning for an EV station should be in the near future. South Berwick should define areas of high concern if water levels, rise or fall, and do some contingency planning for catastrophic events.

Upgrades to the town's virtual presence. 

Life is busy. Websites aren't rocket science, and searching for answers should be no more than three clicks. Scheduled, routine email communication and posts out on social channels allow for more meaningful updates. 

Pedestrian safety.

When safety is on the line, we should be receiving leadership from local officials. Putting plastic signs in crosswalks might work for safety in areas with crosswalks, but side streets are feeling the congestion. If you'd like to have a neighborhood safety night, please reach out to me. 

Traffic calming.

I live in a high-traffic area. I see the vehicles headed through town, and I want South Berwick to be the destination for the best shops and restaurants around, not just a drive-by. I would advocate for increased traffic control officer time and another creative look at parking downtown. 

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