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...but what and why?


...but what?

Difference maker

From the issues surrounding land use, solar farms, traffic, and pedestrian safety to the never-ending marijuana concerns, I see the tall order ahead for the town. I have the energy to tackle the issues with creative problem-solving with a focus on smart growth.

...but why?

The future is watching

Why do I want to run? Like the traffic clogged up on Portland Street, if someone isn't focused on directing issues, everything stalls. I can see the lack of movement on some issues because of all the work bogged down on the town council.

Its time for some new energy and ideas to kick start progress in South Berwick.

About Jessica: Issues


Jessica holds a degree in Public Management with a minor in Painting from Plymouth State University. She has resided in South Berwick since 2006 and is raising a young family. Professionally, Jessica has built a career at an area not-for-profit membership association. Jessica will be one of the area's first Certified Master Recyclers by spring 2022. She plans on leaving a cleaner future for her children and wants the same for South Berwick.

About Jessica: Bio
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