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...but what and why?


...but what?

Difference maker

From the issues surrounding land use, municipal facilities, traffic, and pedestrian safety to the never-ending marijuana concerns, I see the tall order ahead for the town. I have the energy to tackle the issues with creative problem-solving with a focus on smart growth.

...but why?

The future is watching

What motivates me to be on the Town Council? I believe it's about being the reliable and trustworthy presence that our community needs, even amidst life's busiest moments.

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Jessica holds a degree in Public Management with a minor in Painting from Plymouth State University. She has resided in South Berwick since 2006 and is raising a young family. Professionally, Jessica has built a career at an area not-for-profit membership association. Jessica will be one of the area's first Certified Master Recyclers by spring 2022. She plans on leaving a cleaner future for her children and wants the same for South Berwick.

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