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Continued conversation about conservation

This Tuesday, South Berwick residents were spared from a potential snowstorm that was predicted to bring up to 12 inches of snow. While the weather may have been mild, the Town Council received an update from Robin Kerr, the Conservation Coordinator for Mount Agamenticus, shedding light on the mountain's rich history and ongoing conservation efforts.

Mount Agamenticus, located in the traditional territory of the Wabanaki Confederacy, has a storied past. From serving as an army radar installation during WWII to its days as the Big A ski area, the mountain has witnessed significant changes over the years. In 1975, a proposal for 3,500 housing units threatened the area. However, thanks to opposition from residents of York and Berwick, the development was scrapped, and the ski area eventually closed. The land was ultimately moved into conservation status.

Today, South Berwick remains actively involved in preserving Mount Agamenticus, with a South Berwick member serving on the Mount Agamenticus Steering Committee. In 2023, the unpopular implementation of fees to offset infrastructure improvements such as restrooms and ongoing efforts to clear non-native species demonstrated the facility's commitment to maintaining access to this natural treasure for future generations.

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