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The Town Hall building, again

Last week, Mallory, Melissa, Jennifer, Tim, and I embarked on a rigorous selection process for architectural firms along with our SMEs, Ken Weston and Mike Lassel. Over two days, representatives from four architectural firms engaged in hour-long conversations with this interview committee. This process aimed to not only select the best firm for the job but also to provide insight and openness to the public.

We provided an overview of our findings at Tuesday's Town Council meeting, and using a formal evaluation matrix, we narrowed down the top two firms and authorized Town Manager Pellerin to enter into negotiations with the firms to ensure the services we need are included in their proposed fee. We anticipate the discovery work starting on the Town Hall renovation project in early April so that we can understand our options by August to enable a referendum on the November ballot. Please note that this is our intention; however, we will not rush the process if additional time is needed to provide the necessary information.

As we move forward with selecting an architectural firm, we remain committed to transparency and community engagement every step of the way. Please follow along with progress at:

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